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“We believe this is a truly brilliant way to raise awareness about all forms of modern slavery and have real impact to prevent these human rights abuses and better protect victims. This agency is inspiring. It has been a joy to work with such creative and artistic people!”

Jennifer Burn

Founder of Anti-Slavery Australia

“It’s fair to say that some people are great to work with. And some simply are not. Some people say they are great partners, and like being part of a team, because it sounds good. And some actually prove themselves to BE great partners through actions, spirit and words. Working with the team at Cocogun is every bit as collaborative and enjoyable as you could hope for.”

Jonathan Kneebone

Co-founder, The Glue Society

“Cocogun are true business partners and an integral part of the Commander Product and Marketing team. To truly understand the business and help unearth critical insights, the team never limit their engagement with one function. They stretch to all areas of the business, our partners and customers to help shape meaningful market propositions that will have impact. From cross function workshops through to presenting recommendations to our Chief Executive, I always have the confidence and trust in Cocogun because of their depth of understanding and authentic desire to help our business succeed.”

Dan Kelly

Former Head of Product and Marketing, Commander

“This team are nothing short of a dream to work alongside. UnLtd came to them with a complex and nuanced brand brief - the first major consumer-facing work for Missing School. It required an approach that was both incredibly sensitive to the cause, but also brave. From the start, they just 'got it'!

Their approach throughout has been incredibly collaborative and creative, and their insights and ultimate creative response have pushed the boundaries of all partners, to achieve the absolute best outcome for Missing School.

We happily shout deserved praise from the rooftops!”

Louise Pay

Account Director, UNLTD

“I can’t wipe the smile off my face. To simplify complexity, without losing the meaning and impact of a single element, is true art. And the integration is genius. I don’t for a minute underestimate the thought, energy and time that went into this. The direction is both clever and full of heart. Each and every one of you (including those unseen) have been pivotal in getting us to this point.”

Megan Gilmour

CEO, Missing School

“I’m particularly grateful for the investment this team made in taking our people on the journey and for really listening and considering their feedback… a very rare gift to work with such individuals and this agency.”

Maria Karavias

Strategic Consultant, Bank of Sydney

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