In that time I’ve created breakthrough work, led teams, built cultures and won pretty much every advertising award there is to win, including Cannes Lions, Spikes, One Show, AWARD and D&AD Pencils. And, the big daddy of effectiveness, the Grand Effie.

My career highlights include the life-saving porn film Game of Balls, a decade of powerful anti-smoking campaigns and the launch of Guinness Arthur’s Day, a day on which the most pints of Guinness in history were sold – more than any New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day combined.

I sit on the AWARD Committee, which is charged with moving the Australian creative industry forward. I’m also a passionate and vocal champion for diversity. I’ve run a punk fanzine, launched a nationwide magazine for young British Asians, had a book published and launched Brown Riot podcast, celebrating diverse creative and business leaders. I’m from London but my family background is Anglo-Indian Bangladeshi, so I sound a bit like Russell Brand but look more like Aziz Ansari.

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